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Here Are Just a Few of The Most Recent Articles I've Written and Press I've Received Since Creating The Spa and Pool Dealer Boot Camps.



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The 6 Myths of Social Media Marketing
Ever get an e-mail from a friend or colleague asking you join LinkedIn, but didn't know what it was or why they were asking?  Did you know that MySpace and Facebook are more than just websites that high school and college kids spend their time on.  It's time to put aside your preconceived notions about social media and begin to utilize this low-cost, high impact from of marketing.


Got Sales?  Want More?
Creating sales generating systems makes the difference between thriving and just surviving.   Check out the three most important systems you must must have in your business.


How to Close More First Time Spa Buyers
According to some industry surveys, dealers sell almost 50% of all new spa to first time buyers.  That's powerful information that you should take advantage of to help grow your business.

How to Harness the Power of Testimonials
Testimonials are one of the most powerful yet under-utilized and overlooked tools you can apply to your marketing efforts.  They build trust, get attention and overcome skepticism.


Referrals: Customers are Willing, But You Have to Ask
91% of customers would give a referral, but 80% have never been asked.  Want to increase your sales, implement a system of asking for referrals.

Pool and Spa News
Industry wide boot camps announced

Pool and Spa Marketing
Industry wide boot camps announced

Spa Retailer #1
Boot camp helps spa industry

Spa Retailer #2
Industry wide boot camps announced

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