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"The Bottom Line is The Bottom Line..."


"David Carleton Has Used His 32 Years of Sales and Marketing Expertise to Help Hundreds of Dealers Around the World Increase Their Sales and Profits."



Henry Ford once said, "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."  I have this quote framed on my office wall to remind me that I must constantly strive to exceed dealer expectations. 


Although I have a BS degree and MBA in marketing and was President of the American Marketing Association in San Diego, my "in the trenches" experience comes form having held 20 different positions in sales, marketing and general management.  I have worked for 9 different companies ranging from a start-up venture with virtually no sales to Fortune 500 companies such as Black & Decker and Duracell Battery Company. 


For 6 years I was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dimension One Spas where I developed sales, marketing and training programs that have helped hundreds of dealers in 30 countries around the world generate leads, increase sales and enhance their marketing effectiveness


But the truth of the matter is, I didn’t just wake up one morning and magically know everything there was to know about effective marketing and lead generation.  It took me 32 years of research, testing, trial and error, training, courses, books, seminars, etc. to get the level of expertise and understanding that I have now.


I continue to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year trying to stay current on all the latest sales and marketing techniques in lead generation.  It's almost a full time job and unfortunately, you have to sift through the coal to find the diamonds.  But I owe it to my clients and customers to provide them with the best advice possible.


I help pool and spa dealers compete in highly competitive markets.  Bad news such as inflation, recession, high gas prices, and other world events can make consumers "close their wallets" and stop spending.  Knowing how to market "big-ticket" products is as much art as it is science and is not something you can read in a book or learn from traditional methods.

I now specialize in showing dealers how to spend less and get more from their marketing and advertising using guerrilla marketing tactics.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  It’s that simple.  And now I’m ready to share my unique sales and marketing strategies with you.

In addition I am a contributing writer to several magazines including SpaRetailer, bizSanDiego and Referral Success Magazine and do one-on-one consulting for dealers and spa and pool manufacturers. 




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If you have any questions about me, the services I offer or products I sell I would encourage you to call or e-mail me.  I want to be sure that I answer your questions and exceed all your expectations.




David Carleton


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